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Congratulations, you are now registered for WOOF! 2019

This page confirms details for the conference. We will update this page as we get closer to the conference so feel free to keep this link and check back for any news or changes. 

1. You are fully booked onto the conference. Please keep your booking details handy in case you need to contact us and discuss your booking.

2. The conference website www.woof2019.com . This has all the information regarding speakers, agenda, hotel, travel directions... So be sure to read this information and we will update it too if any changes are made. 

3. Hotel room can be booked from the 1st of February 2018.  I would recommend that you book your hotel room as soon as possible if you wish to stay at the conference hotel as rooms will be limited and we anticipate that we will have more delegates than hotel rooms at the conference hotel. Of course you can also find alternative hotels near by too. The conference hotel is only a minute walk away from the conference centre and it is where most of us will be staying. 

4. I invite you to submit one photo of your pet or an animal that is special to you, this could include a human-animal interaction or just the animal (preferably none of just the human please). You can do this by clicking: https://www.dropbox.com/request/BvqVVCRXUmStBbaE05VN

5. If you do have any questions, please email us at info@domesticatedmanners.com

6. We would love for you to share the news that you are joining us on social media using #WOOF2019 If you have been to WOOF! before you will know how much we love to give away prizes and this year we will be starting pre-conference, by searching for any social media posts using #WOOF2019 and selecting winners for some wonderful prizes we have to give away. 

7. Please re-read the t&c's so you have all the information about cancellations and transferring tickets.

8. I genuinely look forward to welcoming you in person to WOOF!2019 with my Team :)

Chirag :)


  • This will be my first time attending a conference. What can I expect?

Expect lots of smiles and friendly behaviours. Our goal is to make you feel welcome and relaxed so you have a great time. We will publish a full schedule of the 4 days closer to the event, you are able to attend any of the seminars running throughout the day. We don't separate into different rooms at WOOF! so everyone gets to hear all the talks. We have breaks for refreshments and lunch where the food and drinks are included in your ticket price so no extra payments are required. We will also provide three complimentary evening presentations with dinner included so that you can spend time building your social network and relationships with other attendees, if you wish to do so. 

Any questions? just email our office: office@domesticatedmanners.com or call 0747 168 7945. At the conference just look for any one in the WOOF! 2017 uniform and they will be more than happy to help. 

  • Can I record the conference?

We do have a no video / audio recording policy at the conference of presentations. However we would love you to take pictures and videos of non-presentation activities and share them using #WOOF!2019

  • Will I be allowed to bring my pets?

No animals other than those taking part in the event or officially registered assistance dogs will be allowed in the conference centre or hotel. We are strongly recommending that delegates make care plans for their pets that do not involve dogs having to be left in cars during the event. The schedule is unlike many other conferences and in order to provide you with value, we have a full day and evening of presentations that you can take advantage of; So your days will be very busy. If you do choose to bring your dog(s), we ask that you place his or her welfare, safety and care first as we are sure you would do.

  • I belive in a different training philosophy, am I still able to attend?

OF COURSE you can! We all have the same goal of improving the lives of animals living under human care. We do promote a ethical and science based approach to understanding, managing and modifying behaviours so as long as you are open to being in this environment for 4 days, we would welcome you to join us.