Course Summary

Date: 10-15th July 2017

Location: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Course: Over the 6 days, students will be provided with classroom and practical learning opportunities to enhance their practical understanding and application of animal training using behaviour analysis, led by Chirag Patel and Susan Friedman Ph.D. Students will be given very special opportunities to engage in practical training sessions with wild animals from monkeys to lions. 

Price: £1350.00

Application: Due to the nature of this workshop and to allow students to get a high level of tutoring we will only accept 12 students. Students can apply to attend the workshop by clicking here. 

Course Information

A truly unique course: There are a very few places students can get hands on with wild animals such as Monkeys, Lions, Wild Dogs and Rhinos with experienced and knowledgeable tutors. Students will also observe training sessions with Polar Bears. 

During this 6 day workshop, Chirag and Susan will work with students to develop their practical understanding and application of behaviour analysis and animal training. Students will expand their knowledge and experience in:

Application of Positive reinforcement

Empowering animal learners

Training with your 'eye on the data'

Training with a social groups of animals

Training plans

Training records

Team work & communication

Working safely

Training different species

Protected contact


Day 1 (10th July): 6:15pm - 8:30pm

Day 2-6 (11th-15th July): 9am - 5pm

Times are subject to adjustment. 


The cost is £1350. This price includes the workshop, dinner on day 1, lunch and light refreshments at morning and afternoon breaks.


If you are interested in attending this workshop, please complete the application form by clicking below. We will then let you know if you have been successful or not and how to complete your registration.