Practical Puppy Training Instructors Course (7-Days)
Taught by Chirag Patel, Domesticated Manners

   Dahlia, a Miniature Schnauzer spent the week on our 2015 course with us. 

Dahlia, a Miniature Schnauzer spent the week on our 2015 course with us. 

Puppy training is often looked at as the easy group course to teach; However if you want to set-up a puppy for life, then mistakes made at this crucial point can have a lifetime of consequences. This course has been set-up to provide trainers knowledge, practice and support in this area.

The Practical Puppy Training Instructors’ course has been designed to provide both theoretical and practical skills in teaching puppies and their caregivers in a group setting. There is a focus on the practical application of information and getting hands-on during this course. 

There is a lot of information out there, BUT what is fact and what’s opinion?  How about common questions such as: 

  •      Should you have off lead play or not? If so, how do you do this?
  •      How do you deal with clients, their questions and those clients that you may label “difficult and unmotivated”?
  •      To teach bite inhibition or not? How do you teach this in a way that is practical for our clients?

During the 5-days you will learn how to help puppies develop socialisation skills and teach  their caregivers how to do this. How to create a puppy-human relationship that is based on trust, confidence and empowerment. Focusing on teaching puppies behaviours that are useful for daily living and help prepare them to cope with life’s challenges.

We emphasise that no matter how good you are as an animal trainer you are likely to make a minimal impact in the puppy-person relationship unless you have skills in helping humans change their behaviours too. So during the workshop we place importance on teaching both puppies and people.

Feedback from a student who took the course August 2015: 
" Hi Chirag, I just wanted to send you a note to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your course. When I heard you speak for the first time at the Dog Bite Prevention Conference I turned to my husband and said I need to find out more about you, as I wanted to attend a training event with you because I was so impressed. 
I love the fact that you are so qualified and experienced to give this information! We got to do practicals but liked that you backed things up constantly with science. Coming from doing a degree with mainly psychology/behavioural aspects your course was right up my street. I loved that the course was structured but that there was time for people to ask questions. I never felt silly asking a question and that's down to your approach, which is very sensitive and respectful.
I felt out of my comfort zone doing the presentation and was extremely nervous. However the group I was in were so supportive. I really liked the fact that you weren't sitting taking continuous notes of us presenting a class as it made me as a student feel more at ease. It's fun and I feel that students build strong relationships and support networks as a result of attending.
I can honestly say this is the best dog training event I have ever attended. I would encourage everyone to undertake the Puppy Instructors course. I can't wait to attend the husbandry and chicken camp next year. So thank you so much for your knowledge, skills, experience and sense of humour.

 Where are the courses held and how much do they cost?

  • Courses are taught internationally. Please see below for a list of upcoming courses and information about their costs.  

Who can attend this course?

  • Anyone who is interested in this topic, is open to learning, changing their own behaviour and has the prerequisite knowledge and experience as mentioned above. 
  • We only accept around 12 students per course.
  • This course is a demanding course, you should not attend expecting to have an easy time sitting on a chair listening to the instructor. You will be required to engage in active learning through discussion, lesson planning, engaging with clients and managing puppies… 
  • However it is a very fun and rewarding course. You are also likely to make new friends too. One of our previous students emailed us to say " I would also include a sentence that: it's fun and that students build strong relationships and support networks as a result of attending."
  • Many of our students include professional trainers, assistants, behaviourists, vets, veterinary nurses, groomers, dog walkers, students and enthusiastic owners. 

What should I know before I attend this course?

  • Have a basic understanding of behaviour science and basic experience of applying this in practice with animals. 
  • Eg. Understand principles of reinforcement, punishment, Antecedents, Behaviour and Consequences. We will send out pre-course reading material once students register so that you can refresh and update your knowledge in this area.
  • If you would like to gain this knowledge or experience before attending this course, Chirag offers workshops with theory and practical. Contact us to find out more information:

What is required of me prior to the course?

  • There are some required pre-attendance study requirements. We will send you a reading list and ask you read the following (click on each title for link to the resource):
   One of our students practicing teaching a puppy class during the course. 

One of our students practicing teaching a puppy class during the course. 

1.    Bringing Out the Best in People by Aubrey Daniels or you can download an audible version.
2.    In Defence of Dogs by John Bradshaw
3.    Article on ABC’s
4.    Article on Science
5.    Article on Classical Conditioning

Will I be able to start teaching puppy classes after attending this course?

  • We have students who have started running classes for the first time after attending this course and students who have re-written their whole course. However this course alone does not qualify you to run puppy classes, you need to ensure that you have other experiences and knowledge in place too. 
  • By attending this course some students may be ready to run classes based on their prior experiences and for others it will be a stepping stone in that direction. 

I already teach puppy classes, what benefits will I get by attending?

  • The course has provided many experienced trainers with new ideas for classes and acted as a refresher for their teaching skills. Some trainers have completely re-written their whole puppy course after attending these courses. 

Will I get a certificate?

  • Yes, all students who attend will get a certificate of attendance, however if students fully engage in the course, take part in the activities and show evidence of pre-course reading they will also earn a certificate of successful completion from Domesticated Manners.   

What will I be required to do?

  • Work as a group: This course involves lots of working with other students. You will be allocated into a smaller group by us. You are required to practice showing behaviours that allow other team members to grow, develop and have a happy experience where they feel they are an important member of that team. You will also be asked to work as one team consisting of all the students attending, where we expect the same behaviours and attitudes as described above. 
  • Presenting: This course does involve standing up and presenting, talking and sharing work amongst peers. This includes both your smaller team and the whole class.
  • Teaching a puppy class: Your team will asked to plan and teach a puppy class consisting of up to 6 puppies and caregivers. You are all required to participate in some way; this includes planning, setting up the class, assisting and/or teaching. You do NOT have to teach if you do not wish to use that opportunity to do so, but you may engage in one of the other ways mentioned above. Engaging in one of the ways listed above is required to successfully complete the course. You will be given time to plan this during the course and assistance as required. The rest of the students and course instructor(s) will be observing. 
  • Assisting clients: During this course we have puppies and caregivers attending daily at pre-arranged times, you will be required to engage with and assist these clients during their visits if you wish to earn a certificate of successful completion. 
  • Handling  Puppies: You will be asked to handle and train a puppy for short periods if the puppy is happy for you to do this. 

Will there be homework?

  • Yes, you have pre-course reading to complete before day one of the course. You will also be asked to work on plans and think about questions outside of taught course time during the week.
  • We do recommend that you clear the five days of your time as much as possible while attending this course to gain the most from it. Please turn up rested and with a good night’s sleep for day one because we really want you to enjoy and make the most of your course.
   Two trainers who successfully complete the course.

Two trainers who successfully complete the course.

Can I attend this course if I don’t run group classes or want to run group classes?

  • Yes, the information about training puppies and people can be applied to individuals. But you must be aware that the course does focus on teaching in a group setting.

What time does the course start and finish?

  • All the courses are individually tailored for the country and location they are taught in so times do vary. Please check details on the specific courses. Generally the taught course content span over an eight hour day, each day for five days. 

How many breaks will I get?

  • We set time for two 30 minute tea breaks (morning and afternoon) and an additional 60 minute lunch break. There will be occasions when your morning break will be 15 minutes long and lunch 45 minutes long throughout the course.

Who will be teaching the course?

  • The course is primarily taught by Chirag Patel. We also try to schedule in one or two guest instructors to cover topics specialist topics. 

Can I bring my dog?

  • This is venue dependent. Please check the specific course details for more information. We do welcome a couple of trainers who have puppies at the time of the course to bring them along but this is venue specific. 

Will there be evening events?

  • Compulsory: One evening event. Please see your specific course information for details.    
  • Optional: Yes, please see your specific course schedule for further information.

Will I be able to ask my own questions?

  • Of course. We ask that students ask relevant questions during the course but we also provide time to ask or discuss other questions or topics (not relating to puppies) during each day during our breakfast club.

What facilities will be available?

  • This is dependent on the venue. Please see specific course page for more information. 
  • We do recommend wearing layers so you can take layers on and off as required. 
  • You may wish to bring a cushion with you to place on chairs for your comfort.
  • Please wear comfortable and safe footwear for dog training. Eg. Heels and flip-flops are not recommended.

Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Upcoming Courses (please click below for booking information):

22nd - 28th July 2017. £1,200.00 - Spaces Remaining

1st - 27th August 2017. £1,200.00 - FULL