• Otis & Lucy Pet Photography (map)
  • 129 Arena St
  • El Segundo, CA, 90245
  • United States

The practical puppy training instructors' course is a five-day course designed and developed to provide both hands-on practical skills and theoretical knowledge in teaching puppies and their owners. this course focuses on teaching puppies behaviors that are essential for coping with the challenges of everyday life and building a puppy-human relationship based on trust, confidence and empowerment.
Whether you have a keen interest in dog training, are working on setting up your own puppy classes or are already teaching and want to develop your ideas further, this class is perfect for you.
In this workshop, we will:

  • evaluate why we run puppy classes
  • discuss options for providing better puppy education
  • practice these items with puppies and people
  • help you design your own education program for puppies and owners that you can teach in your own group or individual classes

Ceus 8.5

Date: Wednesday, june 10 - sunday, june 14
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. daily (8:30 a.m. optional breakfast club discussion)
Location: Otis & Lucy pet photography, 129 arena street, el segundo

Cost: $1 050
$975, early pup sign-up by april 1

Refund Policy: Full refund within 30 days of registration. no refunds after May 1.

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